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Breast Cancer Keeping Abreast

A tiny suspicious lump tucked somewhere in the underarm or anywhere near the breasts, a mammography test and a U.S.G. of the breasts are probably the few first indicators of breast cancer.

This is by far one of the most common diseases amongst women anywhere between 20- 40 years of age and certainly does not spell disaster if diagnosed at a proper stage and is dealt with courage and patience. What is Breast Cancer? When cells in the breast multiply uncontrollably thereby invading the nearby tissues or tissues in the other parts of the body, it gives rise to breast cancer. The tumors that are a result of this rapid multiplication of cells may or may not be cancerous. Those tumors that are a harmless lump are termed as Benign While the ones that may pose threat to a human body are called malignant. Are Women the only victims to this disease? The straightforward answer to this question would be a No. Women are not the only targets and men too can fall prey to this disease.

However the proportions might vary greatly. Hardly 1% or 2% of men are known to be suffering from breast cancer. What causes breast cancer? Though there are no proven causes for breast cancer yet medical experts often blame it upon excess smoking, high intake of alcohol, over-weight, and exposure to radiation.

This is also a heredity disease and may often be inherited from a close relative down the blood- line. Living Beyond Breast Cancer- Well, according to me the fear of this ghastly disease is worse than the disease itself. Though there are many ways of dealing with it yet most patients suffering from breast cancer are devoured by their own paranoia and inhibitions. So the best way to conquer this is to take the bull by its horns.

Agreed, no way is it going to be an easy task. But you can at least make an attempt at it. Post surgery depression is inevitable so start by adopting all the positive survival strategies around you.

Do not ostracize yourself from the society and be a loner who basks in his past glories. Instead make the most of social events. Try and be with friends and loved ones who are sure to generate optimism around you.

Get hold of all the reading material that will help you to lead a much happier and healthier life. Always think that those dark days are over and that once the surgery is done this disease wont pop up its ugly head again. After all lightening never strikes the same place twice!.

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