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Buns of Steel Workout Program The Buns of Steel Exercise Program

Exercise programs and videos tend to come and go throughout the years. It is very rare when a new program lasts more than a year. Only a few will ever stand the test of time. One of those exercise programs that has had a long lasting impact though, is Buns of Steel. Buns of Steel is a fantastic workout that has managed to help many women stay in shape for well over a decade.

The Buns of Steel workout is a unique program that targets the legs and rear end. The workout begins, of course with a nice warm-up but Tammy Webb uses an approach that was not common among exercise gurus of the late 1980's and early 1990's. She started with the aerobic portion of the routine. Before Buns of Steel, most (if not all) exercise programs saved the aerobic activity for the end of the program.

Anyone who has combined targeted muscle workouts with aerobic activity will tell you that saving aerobics for last will leave you sloppy and tired. You will be more likely to lose form and "go through the motions" rather than maximizing your exercise routine. I know that after many of my workouts with Jane Fonda, I felt as if my legs had turned to jell-o by the time that the aerobic part of the routine was partially completed. I didn't use my full range of motion and I definitely did not reap the full benefits that an hour-long exercise routine should offer. After working out with Jane Fonda, I decided that I wasn't going to use the bulimic approach to exercise.

Once I saw an advertisement for Buns of Steel, I knew that this was the program for me. It targeted my areas of concern while strengthening and toning all of the muscles of the body. Tammy Webb is also a wonderful instructor who explains why squats are so very important.

She illustrates that you are utilizing the biggest muscles in your body by doing squats and she explains how this benefits you while you are completing the Buns of Steel routine. I learned that the best approach to any exercise program is to begins with a warm-up, go into your fat-burning cardio portion of the routine while you still have energy and save the isometric holds for the latter part of the Buns of Steel workout. This segues beautifully into my favorite part of any exercise workout; the cool-down. Buns of Steel is not the only workout program I use. I have a collection of aerobic exercise tapes, Pilates DVDs and even Tae Bo but I do visit Tammy Web and Buns of Steel on regular occasions. I find the workout to be a good staple in my overall fitness regimen.

If you want to achieve a more healthier you, then you can't go wrong with using Buns of Steel.

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