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Diabetes Symptom Restrict Your Glucose Limit Before It Restricts You

Diabetes affects as many as sixteen million Americans. The inability to use the glucose in the food is a hallmark of diabetes. Because of this, the glucose causes damage to organs including kidneys, hearts, nerves, and eyes because it gathers in their bloodstream. It is important to note that while diabetics can lead to life threatening complications; it is possible to lead a normal life if you keep an eye on a few obvious diabetes symptoms. Diabetes comes in three ways, type I, Type II and Gestational diabetes. Being hereditary and most commonly in children is Type I.

With this condition, the body has begun to fight the cells that produce insulin due to a failed immune system. This means that the body cannot function properly in a Type I diabetic person. Nearly ninety percent of people who have been diagnosed with diabetes have Type II. This usually sets in later than Type I, the average age is around forty years. The link between being obese and Type II diabetes is very strong. The two keys to preventing Type II diabetes is proper diet and exercise.

If you do get diagnosed with Type II, treatments can be diet, medicine, exercise and possibly insulin shots. Diabetes that occurs during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. This will, in most cages go away once the baby is born.

Some side effects of gestational diabetes are an over sized baby, or it may have low blood sugar at the time of birth. If diagnosed with this, it is extremely important that the pregnancy be monitored closely. A diet can usually control it, but in some rear cases, insulin may have to be used. Subtlety is another symptom of diabetes. Type I and Type II often have very similar systems. These can include blurry vision, dry mouth, increased thrust and frequent urination.

Other diabetes symptoms include flu like ailments and rapid weight loss or gain along with sores that are slow to heal and tingling hands and feet, as well as red or swollen gums. It is very important to not ignore these diabetes symptoms. They maybe harder to pin point because they don't hit you all at once like a cold, they will sneak up on you and are generally more difficult to recognize.

It is so important to watch and be aware of diabetes symptoms because sometimes they can be signs of other illness. Fructosuria and Zylulsuria, for example, will make the urine test positive for sugar, as does diabetes. Pancreatitis is another example because the pancreas releases insulin and glucagons, which can appear to be diabetes.

You may be wondering when the right time is to see your doctor. That is a very simple question to answer. When you first notice diabetes symptoms, call your doctor. The sooner you get treatment, the better. Proper diagnoses and treatment you can go on to have a normal every day life. Summary: Anyone can be affected with diabetes.

Kidneys, heart and nerves as well as eyes can be severely damaged. But with proper diagnoses of the diabetes symptoms and its consequent treatment, you can keep it under control.

Brooke Hayles
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