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Generic Viagra and the Shaggy Dog Story

A weary, shabby senior dog was lay in the shade under a window. an insect flew around his nose and he changed his position, in his sleep, restlessly. He could distinguish people moving above him chatting and chuckling and the sound of female and male skins one on the other.

He changed the position of his old bones and understood the voices stopped laughing to start being more fervent. yes yes!” the gentleman in the bedroom above was gasping avidly. The dog noticed that this was the more content boy he had heard in a few months. Slowly all the whispers had sounded disillusioned and there had been discontented sounds resonating around the place. “Oh sweetheart” the woman shouted, “That was wonderful!” He heard the hands caressing each other. Both the gentleman and the lady moaned with passion and rested on the bed.

“Ohapprehensive that this condition of not being able to maintain an erection would go on forever.” The guy said, “But I bought a new medication from the Internet, sweetheart and made the decision to try it.” “What is it?” she demanded and the dog heard a package being passed across the room.

“This,” said the gentleman, “Generic Viagra. I found a website that explained my condition of erectile dysfunction and it explained that generic cialis or generic Viagra would help me to recover my sexual life so I decided to try it and I am prepared for showing you new sexual abilities.” He was lazily caressing the woman’s arm and she giggled. “You employ another of these marvellous tablets” she laughed, “I desire more sexy movements. “I don’t need to it is a long-lasting pill" he said and threw the box aside and they made love again. What he didn’t discover was that the package had landed on the window sill and teetered slightly before dropping to the ground, right next to the old dog’s leg.

He sniffed them. He remembered that it had been a while since he had met and wished to show if he could enjoy some of this good sexy moment. In a gulp, he took the lozenges, box and all and sat around to wait and expect for a marvellous moment.

Some minutes later, he was hot and wanted to find the poodle that lived n the next door and sure enough, there she was. They sniffed each other and they enjoyed sex as the man in the room had done some minutes before. “Wellold dog, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but there is sexual pleasure certainly life in this old dog!”.

Erectile dysfunction and it explained that Cialis or Viagra would help
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