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Glycemic index or glycemic charge what distinction and which one to utilize

The concept of glycemic index became very popular near the public, particularly in the deal of the weight loss, even if finally the use of glycemic index should in general aim at the maintenance of health. But for recall, what is the concept of glycemic index? More one food causes a secretion of insulin quickly after its ingestion, more its glycemic index is known as "high or tall ". There exist now tables providing the glycemic index of the majority of food. It is considered that the food having an index higher than 70 should be consumed with parsimony and that the food lower than 50 is favorable to health. But you have to take care; the glucose index in blood is influenced by the value of the glycemic index of a particular food but also by the quantity of glucids contained in the consumed portion of this food. To eat a minor amount of a very hyperglycemic food will have less effect on the glucose index in the blood, than to consume a great quantity of a food lower in glucids.

It is here that the concept of glycemic charge is, which takes account at the same time of the glycemic index of a food, but also of the consumed quantity (standard weight of a portion) and the proportion of glucids contained in the eating portion. The glycemic charge is thus the product of the glycemic index and of the quantity of glucids contained in a portion of food /100. For example: - White bread with a portion of 30 gr: GIycemic index equal 70 Glycemic charge equal 10 - Whole wheat bread with a portion of 30 gr: Glycemic index equal 72 Glycemic charge equal 8 - Water melon with a portion of 120 gr: Glycemic index equal 72 Glycemic charge equal 5 - Dry grapes with a portion of 60 gr: Glycemic index equal 64 Glycemic charge equal 28 - Brown rice with a portion of 150 gr: Glycemic index equal 76 Glycemic charge equal 29 The glycemic charge allows to predict the repercussion of the consumption of certain food will have on the glycemia and consequently on the insulin answer during a meal. It is possible to calculate the glycemic load of a meal by using certain tables and while devoting themselves to certain calculations, you will agree with me that this is not the easiest manner to compose a meal! As well it is fine to set standpoint the quality of the glycemic fee. Eminent questions accepted out by the researchers of the University of Harvard showed that the fitness hazard showed a correlation between the glycemic index additionally as the glycemic fee. These questions certify that the nutrition additionally to expensive glycemic index is less positive as fitness than nutrition additionally to weak glycemic index.

Except awareness, minute longing for to consume completely a nutrition which brings a weak glycemic fee, there is a hazard to consequence clipping excessively glucids wide-ranging additionally as substituting themselves by nutrition excessively wealthy plumpness, which might engagement an error. Whatever actually counts inside a meal, this is not that it has a low glycemic commission as it is low inside glucids, but that it is rich inside glucidic diet and weak glycemic index. In practice it is enough simply to ensure to preferably consume food having a glycemic index that is lower than 50 and moderately food located between 50 and 70. As regards food having a glycemic index higher than 70 they should be consumed by exception or in infinitesimal quantities! Reason the glycemic index to evaluate nutrition of likened character, reason the glycemic fee if you grasp that as a segment of nutrition, the glycemic index is expensive whereas its pleased of glucids is weak. You will find here the glycemic index table in a previous article.

if you revel this essay you can behold at my blog. I commited also new essay on the glycemic index. For occurrence the glycemic index table: Glycemic Index Or Glycemic Charge, Which Difference And Which One To Use?

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