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Drugs are of many different types and are made in many different types. Some are grown and some are made chemically. Drugs are mainly used for medical purposes such as surgery and so on. This is illegally sold to people who need that extraordinary high or the level of ecstasy.

Some of the most common drugs are heroine, cocaine, and marijuana. Of these marijuana is the most powerful and the most addictive of all. This is a drug, which is grown, the costliest and is illegally traded. Addiction of drugs is a form of disease that is chronic and relapsing. It produces high degree of tolerance and physical dependence.

Addiction also brings neurochemical and molecular changes in the brain. The effects appear almost immediately after the first dose and goes of within a few minutes or hours. It is taken in small amounts and makes the user feel euphoric, energetic, talkative, and mentally alert. They respond highly to the sensation of sound, touch, temporarily decreases appetite and sleeplessness. For some people the use of drugs helps them to increase their physical and mental strength for a short moment.

There are many rehabs around the country to help the victims to come back to their normal life. This includes medication where the patient is treated with medicine and thus helps in gaining the good life back. Another form is to give the patient a pleasant life in the rehab where the patient gets used to life without drugs and gets involved in so many other good activities such as sports, art and other curricular activities. This would deviate the mind of the patient from addiction and help him gaining the good life back. There would also be seminars and group discussions on the subject so as to share each other's experiences and help each other in their treatment.

The treatment in the rehab would last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year depending on the patient's condition and the level of addiction. Selecting a drug rehab is one of the most important decisions to be made. It is usually to be taken by the parents or by an elder person. The reason is that the drug user will not be in a position to take decision on their own as they will not be in their senses or will not know which is the right rehab for them. When the drug user checks on a rehab it is important to answer all the questions properly and to provide detailed information about how they feel, how they got addicted, why are they not able to come out of addiction and so on. Also try to get as much information as one should get about the rehab, the different types for treatment, the doctors, the facility and also more importantly the cost.

One should keep in mind that when going to a rehab never to return and never to return to the habit.

Serenity Manor East is leading alcohol rehabilitation center in New York. At Serenity Manor East we are dedicated professionals who are graced with the ability to see the transformation of the human spirit. We exist to provide a safe, nurturing, and effective course of alcohol treatment, in a serene, high end environment, that will empower all who walk through our doors to go on to live a productive and happy life.

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