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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse rehabilitation, also known as drug rehabilitation, is the common term used for the medical, psychological and therapeutic treatment for drug dependency. Substance abuse rehabilitation can be used to combat and cure almost any type of dependency, chief among them being alcohol, controlled drugs, nicotine and other prescription drugs. Controlled substances, alcohol and drugs dependency can be visible in almost any person, however there are some strata of society in which drugs dependency is more evident.

Perhaps the most common type of substance abuse is nicotine and alcohol. However, not many people dependent on alcohol or nicotine accept their dependency, and take a lot of time to actually go into rehabilitation for the same.

There are various ways in which substance abuse and drug rehabilitation can be conducted. Some of the most common of these ways are:-

- Residential Treatment: Also known as in-house patient treatment, the person admits him- or herself into an institution where they are taken care of by other qualified medical professionals, mainly a hospital.

- Out-patient rehabilitation: This is a non-residential therapy which also provides counseling, relevant education and other restorative services.

- Support Groups: Like the Alcoholics Anonymous, these support groups are groups of people who are victims of common dependency. These groups can provide all the help and support that an addict needs.

- Sober Houses: Sober houses are generally drug and alcohol free institutions where an alcohol addict would spend time with others to overcome their dependency. Many sober houses are comfortable resorts or apartments where the dependent can reside with their entire families.

Substance abuse rehabilitation is most commonly seen in the case of celebrities and famous people. In fact, actors and celebrities go into rehabilitation according to their own free well off and on. Very few people, celebrities or otherwise, are sometimes ordered into rehabilitation by the law. Commonly, Driving Under Influence convicts are ordered to go into rehab with the Alcoholics Anonymous. In some cases, celebrities have accepted rehab instead of jail time.

However, substance abuse rehabilitation centers are not just for the rich and the famous. There are many such centers in all parts of the country, where people who are hooked on to a particular addictive substance can spend their time till the addiction wears off. The main assets of the addict towards this end are the people at the rehabilitation centers. In many cases, there are medical professionals and nurses looking into the health aspects of their residents. Nurses could be employed to look after these people. But, the most significant aspects for the person to come out of the addiction are the company of people sailing in the same boat (i.e. trying to give up their individual addictions) and the improvement in the lifestyle.

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