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The Scariest Of Diseases Genital Warts

One of the most embarrassing diseases that an individual can get is genital warts. Genital warts are a particular type of sexually transmitted diseases, usually caused by HPV (human pappllomavirus). It can be transmitted from one partner to another by direct skin contact during sexual intercourse. Any kind of sexual activity, such as oral, anal or vaginal sex can lead to transmission of genital warts from a healthy partner to another. Genital warts can be easily identified as a genital HPV infection. Severe case of genital warts can also lead to cervical cancer in women.

Many people may tend to confuse genital warts with other benign anal warts but genital warts are entirely different. They can be identified as fleshy, raised growths on the genital areas of an individual. They generally occur in clusters. Genital warts can be extremely small or can even grow eventually to transform into large masses of clusters in the penis area. Genital warts are most commonly seen in men.

Men are affected by genital warts on specific areas, such as the tip of penis. Some other genital areas may also include shaft of the penis, the area around the penis and on the scrotum. On the other hand, women are less prone to genital warts but are at a risk, nevertheless, if they engage in sexual activity with an infected person. In women, genital warts are usually less prominent compared to men. Women can suffer from genital warts on the inside and outside area of their vagina, on the outer opening of the cervix or the uterus.

In some of the rarest cases, it is possible that an individual may develop genital warts in their mouth or the area around their throat, if they have had oral sex with the infected partner. Genital warts occur when the viral particles of the infection are able to penetrate through the skin of the other partner via the microscopic abrasions which may occur in the genital area during the sexual activity. It may be possible that the HPV may not get transformed into a fully fledged genital wart for quite a number of months or even years, after they are transferred from an infected partner to another partner. In certain cases, it is usually seen that individuals are not able to identify whether they are suffering from genital warts or not, as the virus has not yet taken shape of the wart, but it is there nevertheless. In certain cases, it may be possible that these genital warts may disappear on their own, even if the individual does not seek proper medication for them. Finally, it can never be said whether a genital wart will disappear gradually or transform into a more prominent, raised growth.

However, there are a number of medications and topical treatments available on the market, which can help to treat genital warts, depending on its size and the exact location where the warts have occurred.

The article is written by Nammy Mike. If you want to find out more useful articles about genital wart, please visit Genital Warts Treatment and Genital Warts Picture

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