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Typical Acne Treatments that Work

Nowadays, there are plenty of acne treatments available on the market that claim to work in the fight against acne. To name just a few of those acne treatments that work, you will find prescription medications, herbal treatments, and over-the-counter treatments. But you should not believe all that is advertised, because several of these said acne treatments that work may not be as good as they claim to be and may cause undesirable side effects. Therefore, never start an acne treatment before consulting a health care professional for proper guidance. Some clinically proven acne treatments that work to combat acne are: 1) Accutane 2) Salicylic acid 3) Benzoyl peroxide 4) Tea tree oil 5) Green tea cream Accutane, also known as the miracle drug, is the best prescription medication that works in neutralizing the bacteria found on acne. It is a chemical derivative of vitamin A.

Accutane is particularly used in the treatment of severe cystic acne. This is a powerful medication that should not be taken lightly. Although it may be an acne treatment that works, the side effects are not negligible.

Accutane may cause birth defects. Salicylic acid is an over-the-counter acne treatment that works by ridding the top skin layer of dead skin cells. It also opens the plugged follicles and helps the skin to renew itself, reducing the risk of pore blockade and breakout. Salicylic acid is a mild acid that acts as a keratolytic agent.

This treatment is considered safe and effective for treating patients of most skin types suffering from mild acne, oily skin, textural changes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. However, it may cause mild skin dryness and a mild skin irritation, but nothing that cannot be alleviated by applying a light oil-free moisturizer Benzoyl peroxide is an over-the-counter acne treatment that works by eliminating the acne-causing bacteria lodged in the skin. It is affordable and considered almost as effective as some prescription acne treatments. However, benzoyl peroxide may cause skin irritation in the first couple of weeks and even seem like your acne is getting worse, but be patient and you will see your condition improve within 4 to 6 weeks. Tea tree oil is an herbal acne treatment that works just as effectively as 5% benzoyl peroxide. The tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the native Australian tea tree plant (Melaleuca Alternafolia).

It is applied topically and inhibits the growth of fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Green tea cream is an herbal acne treatment that works just as effectively as a 4% benzoyl peroxide solution. Just like the tea tree oil, this cream may be considered an effective herbal alternative to traditional prescription medications. Herbal acne treatments that work have the advantage of causing much less side effects and of being less harmful than prescription drugs. Those are basically the clinically proven acne treatments that work.

So, if you're suffering from acne, try any one of these treatments. But keep in mind; don't try any particular treatment without having discussed with a health care professional first.

Resources of acne treatments can be found at: www.acnebesttreatments.comand here

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