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Using the Best Skin Peel at Home

In the past, the best skin peel was only available from a dermatologist or salon. This is no longer true. You can now have the benefits of a medical grade facial peel in the comfort of your own home.

The most effective peels on the market contain Tricholoracetic Acid (TCA). TCA is a non toxic chemical that has been used for over 30 years and is considered completely safe. It is one of the deeper peels, used to rejuvenate the skin and improve the condition of the skin.

TCA peels successfully treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, wrinkles, blotchy skin, blackheads, discoloration from sun exposure, age spots, acne scarring, excessive oil and dull complexion. The pores of your skin are unblocked, revealing clearer skin. Your complexion will be smoother with improved texture. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened after treatment. The skin is tightened for a younger appearance.

Esthetician's Choice is the best skin peel and is now available for home use. Before Treatment: Talk to your doctor if you are taking prescription medications. Accutane is one medication that should not be used after a peel. Talk to your doctor and stop taking the medication before having a peel. You should avoid using other exfoliation products in the week before you use a home TCA peel.

Also, avoid tanning either outside or in a tanning bed. Directions for a Home Peel: Esthetician's Choice can be used in two strengths. Use the product full strength for a deeper peel to improve bad acne, wrinkling or skin discoloration. The product can be diluted for a gentler, surface peeling.

Follow the included directions for diluting the product. The peel can be used once a month for very damaged skin. It's important to wait at least four weeks between treatments to allow the skin time to heal completely. Apply the product with a cotton swab. The peel should be left on the skin for about two to four minutes. Rinse well with slightly cool water to remove the product.

Don't rub or use a washcloth. Most people will feel a slight tingling sensation when it is applied. You should feel little or no discomfort after it is rinsed away. If you do experience slight irritation, apply icy water or ice to soothe the skin.

Immediately after treatment, you will notice a slight red color to the skin, like mild sunburn. This fades in a day or so and the skin continues to peel for the next few days. Once peeled, clearer, firmer skin is revealed.

Taking good care of your skin after the peel will result in better, faster healing. After the Peel: o Gently wash the skin with a very mild cleanser in the days after. Use only your hands and not a washcloth or a scrubber, which can cause irritation. o Keep the skin moist with an oil free moisturizing project. o Don't use any other exfoliation products for at least a week after the peel. o Avoid sun exposure and tanning.

This can cause discoloration. If you go outside, wear a good sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. o Don't use make up for at least a week.

After this time, use high quality, natural make up that won't clog the skin. Look for oil free products to avoid clogging the pores again. Natural products or mineral make up is best.

o Avoid harsh prescription ointments and medications such as Accutane. These can cause scarring and discoloration. o Taking good care of yourself speeds the healing process. You will look better and feel better. o Drink plenty of water to flush the skin and replenish the moisture in your body. o Get enough sleep.

At least eight hours each night. This is important for healing and is good for the complexion. o Eat healthy foods and take vitamins. Good nutrition is important for your skin and your overall health. o Practice good skin care to keep your complexion clear and soft. Use natural products that are made for your skin type.

o Prayer, reading the Bible and meditating on Scripture helps reduce stress, which aids in healing. Prayer has been proven in studies to increase healing in all areas of the body.

David Maillie is a chemist with over 12 years experience in biochemical research and clynical analysis. He can be reached at M.D. Wholesale:

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